Hungarian Foreign Trade Association


The Hungarian Foreign Trade Association (HFTA) was founded in 1990 by Hungarian companies and individuals who had the dream of establishing a force to represent the international trade community in the emerging Hungarian market economy.
For over 20 years the HFTA has been recognized as a leader in the international trade community and HFTA is widely considered Hungary’s premier trade forum.
The HFTA’s steadily growing membership is represented by a cross-section of major exporters, importers, manufacturers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, international bankers, attorneys and other prominent service industries.
The Hungarian Foreign Trade Association (HFTA) is a private, non-profit trade association that represents currently aprox. 50 Hungarian companies of the international trade community and is the oldest organization promoting the growth of international trade in Hungary.
HFTA acts as an informative resource and networking centre for its members, and also monitors and advocates legislative issues on government level.


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