Hungary-Thailand IT Day
featuring state-of-the-art Hungarian technologies
on Tuesday, 11th of June 2019 from 09.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.

The Embassy of Hungary and the Hungarian Foreign Trade Association jointly organized and held and an IT day for selected Thai guests representing government organizations and private Thai software companies.
As in the recent years the value of exports in services generated by the ICT services sector has shown considerable growth, the government started to promote the export of the Hungarian ITC companies. Hungarian ITC services have grown an annual average of 6.4% between 2010 and 2017 and reached EUR 1.955 billion in 2017, which is 8.2% of the total exports in services in Hungary.

All the participating speakers and companies of the event were experts from various areas of the IT landscape, representing well established companies which are exporting their products and services to the EU markets.
On the program there were two experts introducing the basics of blockchain theories, possible IT applications and a detailed roll out of the industry 4.0 transformation for a potential Thai manufacturer.
We heard a banking solution which provides transaction processing on a micro-task level with the help of machine learning and crowdsourcing in a completely secure PII free manner.
There were two SAS service solutions, an IoT based health tracking service collected already more than 200 million data of patients in Hungary, and a real-time supply chain management service working for the largest European manufacture and logistic service providers across Europe.
The Hungarian IT sector is interested in doing business in Thailand.
Understanding Thailand’s main goal to establish a new S-curve digital industry the Hungarian companies would support the digital transformation of the country. They are looking for local partners to team up with them for setting up or expanding their presence in Thailand.